This morning the postman brought me a parcel. Whilst not many people get excited over a brown cardboard box, I knew what delights lay inside and couldn't wait to get the box open.

For several months now I have been a customer of a lovely lady who makes Wax Tarts. Similar to those of Yankee candles but more affordable and in my opinion a lot nicer. Her website is and today was my latest order.

Heather is a very talented lady and her tarts are always of exceptional quality. As well as normal tart shapes and snap bars she makes novelty shaped tarts, and is also able to recreate the scents of other products such as Opium perfume or Lush's The Comforter.

Now I normally just order the normal tart shapes but on this mini shopping spree decided to be a little more creative and ordered Piggly Wiggly melts in Comforting Kiss. The detail on these pigs is astounding. They have little creases in their fat bellies, nostrils in their snouts, a curl in their teeny tiny cute little tails. The scent is a dupe of Lush's The Comforter which is one of my most favourite products. The scent is amazingly accurate, it's like paddling in ribena. I love it. My only problem with these wee little piggy's is that they are just too cute to use.

I also ordered some Frog shaped melts. Everybody knows frogs are green, so because I am influenced by sight as well as scent I opted for a scent which I thought would team well with the pale green colour.  I opted for Citrus Sorbet Oriental. The scent is described as "top notes of mandarin, kaffir lime, lemon, apricots & peach, followed by middle notes of baby carrots, rose, nutmeg & violet, sitting on base notes of muguet, amber & fresh woods". The thing with wax melts is you get two different stages of scent. The naked scent - before you melt it, and the true scent - whilst it melts and fills the room with a gorgeous scent and adds another layer on to the afore mentioned naked scent. Naked, these frogs in this scent smell sweet and citrussy. Not an in your face smells like lemon and lime scent, but a grown up mature warm citrus scent. It's really fresh and clean smelling and is almost like being abroad on holiday as it's really summery.

 I also ordered a bag of mini marshmallows. These are so convincing! One look at them in the bag and a quick sniff and I was having to fight to remove them from my little brothers paws as they really do look and smell like real marshmallows. The mini marshmallows are around one cm tall but I would say you get at least 30 in a bag. They are pink and white and look sugary and edible, the way all marshmallows should look, and the scent is called 'Pink Marshmallow'. Imagine going to the shop and buying a bag of Princess Pink and White Marshmallows getting home and just putting your head in the bag to breath in all the sugary sweet yummy goodness. With these melts you get just that. Warm, sugary, yummy marshmallows, without any of the calories - bonus!

Now onto the normal shaped melts which I ordered:

The first one is a tart in 'Nectarine Blossom & Honey'. This is a dupe of Jo Malones fragrance. Now Jo Malone charges £38 for a candle and as much as I love the scent I just can't afford that! Never fear though because I really do believe Heather's tarts are even better and whats more at £1 a piece for the tart which will last me at least 4 burnings I really can't go wrong. It's sunshine in a tart. Light flowers with fruit and warm sweet honey. It's one of those feel good scents. After a downer of a day this just makes me happy and feel care free. Lets hope the british weather takes note of this yummy tart and brings us some sunshine.

The second is again a dupe scent. Yet once again is a brilliant dupe if not better than the original. This one is Lemon Chiffon, which is a yankee candle dupe. It's sweet and creamy with hints of vanilla in there. Then there is the zestyness of the lemons which comes through. Again a really clean and fresh scent. Whilst welcoming and enticing at the same time.

The third tart I got is a food scented tart. It's the one which is going to be responsible for breaking my diet and making me gain weight! The scent is Candy Corn and it's new to Heather's scent list. Candy Corn is an American sweet, that you mainly see being handed out at halloween on American programmes. Kind of cliche. However the sweets themselves are absolutely gorgeous sugary vanilla-honey goodness, although being american they can be hard to get over here. This tart has just had me scouring the internet looking for a bag.....or 5. This is amazing, it's seriously like I have the bag of sweets with me and am delving in for handfuls. Its sweet and creamy and is the kind of scent that makes your mouth start to water. If you only ever try one of Heather's wax tarts, make sure it's this one. Wow is all I can say.

Lastly, I ordered a tart in Vamp Vogue. Now admittedly I am still perturbed by my want for Candy Corn but I think I can drag myself away from wax inhalation for just long enough to tell you about this beauty. Again this is new to her scent list, the scent is described as "a sexy gothic statement fragrance with top notes of blood orange, ruby red grapefruit & mandarin, followed by middle notes of geranium, bourbon, oak moss & dark patchouli, sitting on notes of black amber, sandal tree, cashmere & musk". I have to say I find the scent extremely sexy and quite horny, how I wish I had a man. The scent is sexy and sultry and has me thinking of nights of lust. It's quite a dark scent. One which I think I would use only at a night, it's really tempting and alluring. It's not overly fruity, but then again its not floral or woody. It's a very hard scent to put into words because of how beautiful it is so I shall try to use a statement to describe it the best I can. - Candles, black satin sheets, black crushed velvet, me, Bill Compton, Eric Northman, Edward Cullen, his brother Emmet, a bed and very little sleep. *le sigh*


cat fores said...

excellent.. im so gonna go rummage on the webpage haha

Aminabugz said...

I am really looking forward to my vamp tart now.. you have described the tarts so well.. i shall look forward to your book reviews although im not sure these books will have an edward in it.. drools.. hes at par with mr darcy which i never thought i would find.. hehe..

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