Well, I did promise I would be back and here I am.

I have decided to restart this blog with a post about personal challenges.

As some of my friends and family know I have battled with my weight for a long time. Ballooning in weight from the age of 16 up to the beginning of February this year when I had that lightbulb moment that said this is enough. I joined Slimming world and have so far lost 3 stone 4.5lb and am really enjoying the plan and intend to keep going until I reach my target which admittedly is a long way off but is achievable and will be achieved in the near future.

So I am setting myself 3 mini challenges which you, my readers will hopefully be a part of.

Ok so the 3 weight loss orientated challenges are:
  • Be in a size 20 by August 31st 2010
  • Weigh 20 stone by August 31st 2010 - only another 2 stone 5.5lb to go!!!
  • To attend one form of exercise class a week, be it FlabELos or Aquaaerobics.
I also hope to use this blog for other things too, such as:
  • Review my lovely competition wins, as and when they happen
  • Review my large collection of books
  • Post recipes
  • Talk a lot! 
So come in, pull up a pew.

Enjoy the ride :)

Ikkle x


butterfly2001 said...

all the best with the weightloss, butterfly_2001

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