The competition I recently ran for a wax burner and a box of bakery melts ended at midnight, and after putting the details of everyone who had entered onto a spreadsheet and assigning each entrant a number I used to pick a winner. The winner was

Vikki runs a fantastic site called PostPals

PostPals allows people from the public such as yourself to log on and find a 'Pal' in one of the children listed on the site. The beautiful children on the site are all such strong, brave children who have debilitating illnesses and conditions. Unfortunately not all of the children survive but by visiting the site and choosing a 'Pal' who you can send letters, cards, toys and presents to, you guarantee that even on dark days when they are not at their best you will bring a smile to their faces. You are also able to send letters and gifts to the siblings of Pals lifted on the site, as it can be equally as tough for them to see their brother and sister seriously ill.

Please do take a look at the site and choose a Pal. The children are listed in name, age and condition order. You don't have to spend a fortune to put a smile on their faces, a letter or card would be equally as welcome. The only difficulty is choosing which little angel to write to.


Post Pals said...

Oh my goodness!!!!! WOW!!! I can't believe I won, I so fell in love with the bakery box and burner- I ended up buying one for a Post Pal family but not the kind of thing I could justify buying myself, so THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU :) Thank you also for asking people to send some post to the children, we always struggle to find volunteers to send a card as we are now helping so many :)

THANK YOU AGAIN, you have made my week (and month!!!)

a212ureol said...

Oh Viki! So pleased you won! Something good for someone so special who spends so much time helping others. :) xx

nat/aminabugz said...

sounds like someone very deserving won and the items are amazing.. make your whole house smell of goodness..

nat/aminabugz said...

post pals sounds amazing.. i shall be looking at the site..

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