Ok, so I was lucky enough to win a pair of tickets to go and see SATC 2 and I thought I would write a little blog about it, no spoilers I promise.

We arrived at the Vue cinema in Kirkstall, which was to say the least HECTIC! As we entered the cinema both me and my nan were given a huge tub of popcorn and a drink of diet coke big enough to go swimming in.

The film itself has already received bad reviews from a lot of the press, I'm not quite sure it was all called for at all. Admittedly there were points where the gag lines felt forced and the movie seemed a little slow but on the whole the film was comical with lots of laughs, quirky jokes and plenty of tongue in cheek. All as you expect from Sex and the City. The storylines were new and fresh for the characters and brought a whole new insight into who Carrie, Miranda, Sam and Charlotte really are. There were parts of them that were revealed in the film, that I am sure each and every woman in the audience could relate to, hey even a couple of men too. It showed the characters as real people who still manage to look absolutely stunning and gorgeous, although there were a few outfits that had me go 'Woah! Seriously??' but then who am I to judge, I've never owned a designer label in my life.

The film is funny and witty, the women are gorgeous, the men phwoar and the storyline is well written. I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend you give it a chance, don't believe all the negative press. I think the press are trying to put Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte on a pedestal and want them to be untouchable, they don't want the average Mrs Joe Bloggs to feel they can be successful, sexy and beautiful it undermines our need for men, although if your anything like Samantha you need them for a thing or two ;-)


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