On the 4th February 2010 I joined my local slimming world group. I weighed in at 25 stone 10.5lb. My BMI was 46.2, medically speaking I was morbidly obese.

Yesterday was my 16th weigh in.

I weighed in at 22 stone 2lb.

That has meant a total loss so far of 3 stone 8.5lb. Bringing my BMI down from 46.2 to 39.8. I am no longer morbidly obese, I am simply obese. That may not seem like a big achievement to many but to me it is progress and a step forward.

Slimming World give you an award (it's a shiny sticker) for every half stone you lose, for if you have lost the most in class that week and also if you have lost the most in class that month.

Here is a snap shot of my awards.
10 Slimmer Of The Weeks, 1 Slimmer Of The Month, 1/2 stone, 1 stone, 1.5 stone, 2 stone, 2.5 stone, 3 stone, 3.5 stone

You will notice there is also an award for Club 10. That is when you lose 10% of your start weight.I have lost 14% of my start weight. With the loss of 10% I have:
1. Lower blood pressure, reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke
2. Reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
3. Lower blood cholesterol levels which are associated with increased risk from heart disease.
4. Reduce strain on the joints and improve back and joint pain.
5. Your lungs function better and reduce breathlessness.
6. Improve mood and self-esteem.
7. Improve asthma and reduce the need for medication.
8. Become more mobile, making it easier to be more active.
9. Improve fertility and menstrual problems
10. Reduce the risk of certain obesity-related cancers

My losses average out at just over 3lb a week and I am really pleased with that. Some weeks I lost more, some weeks I lost less. By losing 50.5lb I feel much better in myself but I know that I still have a long way to go. I would ideally like my 4 stone award by my mums birthday. Her birthday is on the 26th June, that gives me 4 weeks to lost 5.5lb. I did originally say I wanted my 5 stone award for my birthday, but thats wrong. I know it will be hard work, and I am not shy of a challenge but I would love to get my 6 stone award if possible. There is 13 more weigh in's till my birthday. 2 stone 5.5lb to go to the 6 stone point. Thats 33.5lb in 13 weeks, so I need to be aiming for just over 2.5 lb a week. Eek. I'm not sure if I can do it. I shall definately be giving it a go though. I bought a 12 week countdown today, which basically means I paid for 10 in advance and got 2 free. Let's hope they keep me on the straight and narrow. 



Gerturdeanna said...

That is an amazing loss Dani!!

Whatever you are doing, its obviously working!!

Well done!

Emma w said...


You're doing really well xxxx

a212ureol said...

brilliant Dani! Well done hun! You are an inspiration. I think I need to start thinking about really doing exercise, instead of just pretending I do. I have a little man to look after and run around with and play football,can't do that, if I can't run.

Keep up the brilliant work. Love your blog xxx

Clam said...

Hello sweety, i am very proud of you and your weight loss sofar! You will achieve your goals and just keep that positive thinking hunni. Good luck with losing the rest :)

Take Care

From Yvonne xxxxx

Saleena gilchrist said...

well done are u tall?... im 5ft 3 and weigh 11 stone 10 my bmi is 29 when i started at 15 stone 11 my bmi was 41 xx

Ikkle87 said...

I'm 6ft 2 hun.

Saleena said...

i was going to say u would have to be really tall for a bmi like that well ur loss is fab hun u keep at it i bet u can feel the diff dramtically xxx

dizzy_girl001 said...

That's flipping amazing lovely! Well done to you xxx

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