As you have probably gathered by now, I love home made things, from things I have made myself, to wax tarts to toiletries. I've now received my Carina order and WOW! Carina is run by a lovely lady called Irina at the minute she only sells through a forum I frequent but I believe she is in the process of setting up an Etsy shop. She makes unique artisan perfume & luxurious, yet affordable, exquisitely scented toiletries and cosmetics. She is also trained in aromatherapy and often grows her own ingredients.

I received my huge order at the weekend but have so far only been able to test a few things. The main thing I have used is a perfume in The Wolf and the Cold One. Irina describes the scent as "The magick behind the relationship between Edward and Jacob from the Twilight series enfolded in this mixture. For me it meant finding a way to resolve the inner conflict between instinct and reason that lies in all of us. Even that neither Jacob, nor Edward are 100% human, their battle is. The magick of this scent lies in helping with the process of learning to trust your gut without overlooking reality. Jacob, the wolf, is the warm one, the instinct. For me that is sweet amber, spicy sugar, vanilla and cocoa butter, warm comforting scents. The cold one is Edward: reasonable, calculated, cautious and restrained. Woody and metallic citrus scents that provide guardianship, strength and immortality fit his nature. There are two lovely scented blossoms that heal bridges in inner conflicts, so I added them to the mix: apple and linden blossom.
Basically the cure is love."

I have to say I am so amazed by this perfume. I also ordered a shower cream and a body scrub in the same scent but the perfume has just blown me away. It's quite a sexy masculine scent. It smells absolutely devine on my skin and I LOVE it! The different layers of spice and sweetness blend perfectly to create this beautiful uniform scent.

I'm really rubbish at descriptions of late as my head is full of Math and Sociology stuff but this is one fragrance that I would definitely buy again. Its better than any fragrance I have ever bought in the likes of Boots and it was much more affordable too.


Natalie/Aminabugz said...

I love the sound of that perfume/s. I havent tried irina yet, i may have to ask about that scent

Ikkle87 said...

Noooo you can't have it!! I needs it all lol! It's really lovely. She is bringing out lip scrubs too and I've been sent one to try and seriously it blows the Lush ones out of the water. It smells gorgeous and it tastes gorgeous and its just lovely. Lush ones are a little fake for me but the one I'm testing is just nommy x

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