Ok so the very first competition of my little run.

The prize is 3 Family DVD's:
  • Eight Below
  • The Chronicles Of Narnia
  • Mr Magoriums Wonder Emporium
The competition is only open to people on my Twitter. One entry per person per day. (you can enter as many of my comps you want to)
Competition closes at 8pm on Tuesday the 1st December 2009.

Just reply with your answer and your twitter name. Comments won't show up until the competition has ended for the day just so that everyone has an equal chance. I don't mind you asking each other for help though if your stuck on one of the answers. :)


Today's competition is a Christmas Song Quiz.
Each letter is the first letter of a word and those word's make up the title of a christmas song.
For example: S C I C T T is Santa Clause Is Coming To Town.
Solve as many as possible to be in with a chance to win. (and don't forget to leave your twitter name too)


  • 1. J B
  • 2. I D O A W C
  • 3. R T R N R
  • 4. D Y H W I H
  • 5. A I A M
  • 6. F T S
  • 7. O C A Y F
  • 8. O L T O B
  • 9. J T T W
  • 10. S N
  • 11. T T D O C
  • 12. G R Y M G
  • 13. H T H A S
  • 14. W W Y A M C

Good luck everybody xx

I'm such a big kid lol. Really excited that it's nearly the 1st of December and my competitions will be starting soon. :-)

Some of the prizes got delivered today :-) I still need to pick a couple of bits up in town but the rest is due to get delivered Saturday and Monday :-)
Ok so I know the 12th day of the competition isn't till the 12th of December, but, as I am making the entries into the 12th day competition an effort comp I thought I would give you all a little prior warning so you have plenty of time to make something. :-)

The challenge to gain entry into the competition for the Sterling Silver and Cubic Zirconia necklace is to make a christmas decoration. It can be made from anything and you have complete free reign over what you make. You just need to either add a link to your picture entry in the comments section here or twitpic it to me before 8pm on the 12th of December. Anton will then act as the adjudicator and will choose the decoration he likes the best and that will be announced as the winner.

I hope you all enter and don't worry about how good or bad your entry is, Anton never ceases to amaze me with what he finds fantastic lol so I am sure he will love all your entries.

Looking forward to it, get crafting and good luck.

With it being almost christmas I decided to be a little daring and decided to run a little Advent Competition for all my twitter friends :-)

As the title may suggest I am going to run a competition everyday from the 1st of December to the 12th inclusive. Each day I will post up a picture of the prize and what the entry procedure for the day is. With it being christmas time each days competition will be Christmas themed :-) Then at 8pm each day I will use RaffleKing to choose a winner.

The Rules:
  1. This is only open to my Twitter friends, so please do not retweet (although by all means pass it on to someone who you know I am following etc incase they missed it)
  2. Unfortunately I can only send items to the UK (including IOW)
  3. You can enter as many of my giveaways as you like but it only one entry per prize per person will be accepted.
  4. To enter you just need to follow the instructions in each individual days blog and don't forget to leave your twitter name or I won't know who to notify of a win!
  5. I'm doing this out of good will so please don't bully me if you miss out lol.
The Prizes:
All the prizes have been specially picked by me and hopefully there will be something for everyone included.

The prizes include:

  • HalfHead by Stuart McBride
  • LineRider for the Nintendo DS
  • A handmade charm bracelet
  • A Moringa Body Shop gift set
  • A homemade selection box - (basically a mix of different chocs and sweets)
  • A £10 Amazon voucher (If you would prefer a voucher for Play please let me know when entering)
  • Snowman Soup - (hot chocolate, mini marshmallows, candy canes, choc chips, a small bar of Green and Blacks chocolate, 2 mugs and a mini chocolate grater)
  • Family Movies Pack -(3 Family DVD's perfect for Christmas; Eight Below, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Mr Magorium'sWonder Emporium)
  • 80's DVD Mania - Flashdance, Fame, Footloose and Dirty Dancing.
  • A mini pamper pack - headband, face pack, bubble bath, loofah and probably a few other bits ;) in a pretty wash bag.
  • And finally the big prize which will be on the 12th is for this stunning Sterling Silver and Cubic Zirconia Kiss Necklace from H. Samuels.

***Added on the 25th November, silly ikkle cant count and only listed 11 prizes by accident. I will also be giving away the first 8 books of the True Blood (sookie stackhouse) series***
Ok, this is just a basic blog but having been thinking about running a few little competitions on twitter for all my friends and struggling a little with idea's I thought this would be one of the best/easiest ways for me to do it.

The competitions will be Advent, running one a day from the 1st of December. They will be open only to my Twitter friends, so I ask for you to not retweet please. If you live outside of the UK please let me know before you enter as some items I am unable to post oversea's.

Details on how to enter will be posted each day, and entry will normally be by leaving a comment with your twitter username. Winners will be drawn at 8pm every evening. Alongside the entry method will be a picture of the days prize.

Hopefully you will like the prizes I have chosen for you all and I hope you are all lucky.

Ikkle x