Well I thought I would update this quickly as I am hoping to use it to run some lovely giveaways again real soon.

I may also use it as a place to ramble about my slimming journey and write a few reviews. Thats just a maybe though. Who knows lol. I am one of the most unpredictable people I know of so anything could happen.

In the short run of what has happened to me since the christmas giveaways....
I am nearly finished at college, I have lost 2 stone 5.5lb and am hoping to lose a hell of a lot more, I am even more obsessed with vampires than I was before, I wear splints on my wrists because I am a weakling lol, I love Lush but it bankrupts me and I am trying to get more jewellery made up and sold so I can go on my holidays in September. So if anybody wants anything making just let me know I will happily oblige lol.

Ikkle x