Ok, so yesterday I mentioned my fitness plans. Well today I went through with them. I phoned the tanning salon Tanfastique this morning to book a Flabelos session for the afternoon. When I finished college I went into town and got the bus to the other side of Leeds. Or so I thought. I asked the driver to tell me where to get off, thinking that the big roundabout before the Crossgates centre would be enough of a description, silly me. So I ended up getting off at the wrong bus stop and having to walk a mile (I measured online when I got home lol) in an area I had no knowledge of at all. Luckily my mobile phone has built in maps so I was able to follow it to get to the right place. I also got attacked by a million and five green flies. I wonder how many calories there is in one?

The salon was quite nice, although I didn't get to see much of it. I was asked to fill in a little card which covered my name, address, age and then asked questions about my health such as diabetes, heart problems etc. Once that was done I was taken into a small room where the machine was. You have to take your shoes off but can keep your socks on. A member of staff showed me how to use it, there is a poster which shows you different ways to tone different areas such as the top of your arms, legs, upper body. You can also choose between lose weight, tone up and build muscle. I went for the lose weight and overall full body conditioning option.

So I climbed on board, legs evenly spread, straight but not locked as I was told. Then I pressed the start button. Whoosh.....first level and my body started to jiggle. After a minute or two the level increased and I could see my arse bouncing in the mirror at the side of the room. Whilst the board tilts quickly you automatically keep your posture held. When it moved up to the highest speed I thought my legs were going to fall off, I really could feel it working. The muscles tightened and contracted and pulsed and wow. All the way from my toes to my calves, my thighs, my hips, my stomach, everywhere! When it gets to the last 3 minutes it slowly slows down acting as a cool down. They say that a ten minute session is the equivalent of an hour in the gym. I can honestly say that's true. Did I like it? Will I go on it again? I already have a session booked in for tomorrow afternoon. It really was that good.

Then tonight I went to aqua aerobics. Walked there again. I felt quite self conscious because my swimming costume has no built in support for my boobs and it was short bodied and I really need a long bodied one with me being as tall as I am. So investing in a new swimsuit is definately on the cards. I was already on a bit of a downer because of the swimsuit then I got in the pool and I spotted two family friends. I stuck close to them and then the class started. The instructor can only be described as a female mini Hitler. Seriously. I'd be surprised if she had never worked in a boot camp because she was really strict and yet really motivating at the same time. Lot's of kicks, jumps, lunges, arm presses and using floats to act as resistance. The class was 45 minutes and cost £4.20, you can swim afterwards till 10pm. I did a few lengths and then I came home. I did really enjoy the class, it was hard work but that's what it's all about. The biggest problem for me was that I'm 6ft2 and it was impossible to do some of the moves in the shallower water so I had to keep moving down the pool.

Over all quite a success, don't ya think?


dizzy_girl001 said...

Ooo, I live in Xgates and read your post about FlabLos yesterday! Do you feel there has been a difference? I'm so interested in finding out more about it! Is it £4 per session?
Also where did you get off the bus? Xxx

Ikkle87 said...

Lol, I got off the bus at Seacroft Hospital and walked along Crossgates Road then down Station Road. Was knackered lol.

I just had my 2nd session of it today and am booked in for another session tomorrow. It's £4 per session at Tanfastique on Station Road just opposite the train station, or you can buy 4 sessions for £10 but you have to use all 4 within a week or you can buy 16 sessions for £30 and then spread them out over a month.

I really can feel the difference, whilst your on the actual machine you can feel your muscles tightening and contracting as it speeds up. I can still feel it afterwards I feel like I have had a really good workout doing sit ups and all sorts, which is exactly what they say will happen 10 minutes on flabelos = the equivalent of an hour in the gym.

My slimming world consultant was the one who recommended it as she has been going for a few weeks now and says that her tummy is a lot firmer.

You could always try one session and see what you think. If your like me though you will be hooked.

Let me know if you try it what you think :-) x

dizzy_girl001 said...

Oh nooooo! That is some distance you walked! Kudos for that, I'd have jumped straight back on a bus haha :)
I think I might go for the 16 sessions when I get paid but I've booked myself in for tomorrow at 4:15!!! :D I can't wait now haha.
My friend was saying today that her mum does it there too and she really enjoys it so I'm hoping it'll be good for me as I just don't have time/can not really be bothered to go to the gym.
I shall report back tomorrow :) xx

Ikkle87 said...

Did you go? What did you think? xx

dizzy_girl001 said...

I did indeed go :) I loved it, I've had sessions so far, one every day and it's pretty good! How are you finding it?
PS I'm absssx from the forum, if you remember? :) xx

Ikkle87 said...

I do remember :) I thought you looked familiar when I clicked on your profile on here lol.

I love it too. I have another session booked for Monday, one on Tuesday and a double on Wednesday. Need to lose 1.5lb this week and then I will have lost 3.5 stone since Feb. I really like the Flabelos, you can really feel it shame I cant afford to just buy one to have at home lol x

dizzy_girl001 said...

Yayy :) I thought I had the same name on here but I don't.
Today they're having a deal on of 25% off, I got a session of 16 for £26.50 which is pretty good so try ring and see if you can get the deal!
Wow, that's amazing! How did you lose that much so quickly? I can't seem to shake my excess weight off... I suppose it doesn't help that I'm sat here with doritos and dip but oh well haha :)
If I see a significant difference by the time I get to uni I'm going to buy one with the money in my savings account that I've locked away! The cheapest I've seen is £160ish which isn't too bad to say I'll be spending around £30 a month xx

Ikkle87 said...

I'm doing Slimming World hun, my loss has slowed down a little lately so I need to shake it up a bit and get back on track. Never managed to ring them up as didn't see your comment. Will see what they say on Monday x

dizzy_girl001 said...

I know a few people doing Slimming World that have lost soooo much weight! I'm so jealous, I think I might get myself on it... is it difficult? What do you have to do? x

Ikkle87 said...

It's not difficult hun. I have a fab consultant who runs a class in city centre and then one is Seacroft. For me I need that extra boost and support to help me lose weight and knowing that I have to go each week and get weighed really helps to keep me on track.

You can eat loads of different foods and treats are still allowed.

I love it it's the only way I've managed to lose weight, even being on Xenical and things from the doctors didn't help me. :(

Theres also facebook groups where you can get loads of help and support and then a website called minimins which is a weightloss forum and is brilliant for recipes and advice on 'syns'.

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