I just had a semi succesful bath :-) It would have been absolutely fanbloodytastic but I used my Oatifix face mask from Lush and it must have been too warm in my bathroom cos it just seemed to resemble baby sick/food whilst in my hands and on my face. Kind of mushy and sloppy and not nice. Which is a shame as I usually love it and it is great for my eczema too.

I normally use a bubble bar in the bath but wanted to keep it kinda simple tonight so used an Ex Factor from Lush to get a gorgeous coloured water. Mixed it with a So White for an appletising scent. (Pun intended)

Then I used the yummy scrummy Carina Shower Cream in The Wolf and The Cold One. It's even better than the perfume! The scent has really lasted on my skin, and I really am in love with it. I'd really like to smell this on a man so I may have to find one somewhere (don't all rush at once) just to see what this is like on a guy as I think it would be lovely and maybe possibly just make me melt a little.

I washed my hair with my regular apple shampoo and then conditioned it with a little beauty that arrived today.

TOMMYGUNS Fig. Plum & Marshmallow Conditioner. Its a 250ml bottle and retails at £4.99 a bottle. Apparently you can only get it in the likes of Waitrose and Sainsbury's and a few other high-er end retailers.

The little blurb at the bottom of the bottle says
"This is a beautiful dream, a conditioner that can calm & smooth both your hair and your emotions"

I found it a little hard to get out of the bottle at first but I think that's because it is a square bottle. The actual texture of the conditioner is really thick and creamy almost of a hair mask consistency.

The scent is actually really nice. I wasn't sure on how the figs and plums would affect what I expected to be sweet, gooey marhsmallow. They actually all really compliment each other really well. Giving a rich yet subtle, fruity and sweet scent. My hair is also feeling a hell of a lot smoother and softer and it's taken me a lot less longer than normal to brush through as normally it is very knotty and I end up with a sore scalp but after using this conditioner just once my brush glided straight through.

Now that my hair has started to dry it smells and feels like I have been to a top end salon rather than in my bathroom.

Now to brave the stores and try and buy some more.


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