As some of you may know I got a new computer a couple of months ago whilst my Macbook was repaired, it since has been repaired but I lent it to a very good friend to use for a little while and continued with my new trusty toy. A Dell Mini Inspiron.


Now despite the fact I have had this a couple of months I have never really explored it’s potential. I guess I’m a Mac baby at heart and so used to what that had to offer that I found the Windows 7 system a little blah! Well today I have had a fiddle (don’t worry Simon I haven’t broken anything, yet!) and I found a program on the computer which rather than having me log in to and make my posts on there I can simply type it all up, save it if I like ready for future publishings and voila it is simple. It’s also a lot bloody easier to navigate than the blogger system is, which whilst good can be annoying slow and tedious.


so this post is a bit of a test, but also a woohoo, I may be open to change afterall.


Ikkle x


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