This Monday has been an eventful one, but has by far got to be one of my most favourite Mondays, ever!

This morning I had a job interview for Halfords, it’s part time and I don’t know much about bikes and cars but I’m a quick learner and the job seems perfect for me. I am hoping that the good vibe I got is genuine and should find out on Friday if I got the job or not.

Then it was on a bus to town, i paid for a day rider and he had no paper roll in his machine so gave me a written ticket which on closer inspection turned out to be a single, so I was royally buggered. Then the bus broke down and I had to get a different one so had to buy a proper day rider this time. It was a bit busy and i got barged and ended up hurting my hip, and when you have poorly joints and bones like mine, believe me it hurts.

Ok, I hear you, your wondering why it was so amazing? Well I shall tell you. When I was 14 my dad used to make me cd’s with different artists on. Always rock music types like Blink 182 etc, and the one which became a favourite was Jimmy Eat World. Tonight they played Leeds O2 Academy and I got to go, albeit alone. In the queue I got talking to two lasses Lucy and Leigh who kept me company for the start of the gig.

As Jimmy Eat World came on to the stage there was a surge of people and we got separated, but its ok. The energy in the room was electric with people jumping and diving around loving the music. Let me warn you though, unless your a tough cookie avoid the front middle, I didn’t and I got a bit bashed about but it’s all good. They sung a great mix of their old songs and new ones.

The one song that means the most to me was played live, and it’s the most amazing thing I have ever experienced in my life. When Ben died and I lost Joshua i took solace in a song called Hear You Me by Jimmy Eat World, I quote it a lot but nothing prepared me for tonight. There was something so wonderful about being up close and hearing the group sing those lyrics which meant so much to me, that I found my heart breaking and the tears pouring. At that moment I was glad I was alone, sure there were hundreds of other people in the building, and a few probably had a similar connection with the song but for those 5 minutes I was alone in the place with my emotions and the song, and it was the most spine tingling, breath taking thing I have experienced. I never in a million years thought I would get to experience the song being sung live and I kinda feel like I can let go a little now. I don’t need to feel guilt, but it’s good to feel this amazing sense of relief and passion and love.

I took some pictures and a video, I am hoping they came out ok, I am physically and emotionally exhausted, yet the happiest I have been  in a long long time……..So thank you Jimmy Eat World, you just made my year.



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