There were sixteen correct entries to the chocolate contest. The correct answer was CARAMAC.

Each name got a number:
  1. charismc
  2. englishian
  3. heatismybible
  4. gingerchick
  5. splodz
  6. katylittlelady
  7. krailton
  8. iridessa76
  9. kellysee
  10. grannysmither
  11. mad_gemma
  12. munchkim
  13. sassyele
  14. cheekychicken24
  15. jenniwren12
  16. ali991
Well done to all who managed to get it right :-)

Raffle king chose todays winner and he chose.............

Congratulations to @krailton if you email me on lilmissangeleyes[AT] I will get your prize sent out to you :-)

Will post the new comp up shortly - trying to decide which prize to put up tonight and tidy up cos having visitors lol x


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