Just a quick apology for having 2 days off of running the comp. Just to let you know though that the competitions will continue.

Coming up in the next few days will be :
  • Charm Bracelet
  • Linerider Freestyle for the Nintendo DS
  • Snowman Soup
  • Pamper Pack
  • 80's DVD's
  • Charlaine Harris Books 1 - 8 of the Sookie Stackhouse/True blood Series
  • Silver necklace.
I'm actually considering just running one draw a day until the 12th which is when the necklace winner will be drawn and then putting everyone who has entered my competitions name in a hat and drawing them out to win a remainder prize.

Not sure what you all think of me doing that but I thought it might be for the best as don't want to leave things too late for postage in case things could be used for xmas presents. However don't quote me lol cos I may change my mind and do it 2 draws a day to make sure I make up for what I missed.

huge apologies once again xx


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