Ok so Anton found it really hard to pick, cause there were some brilliant entries. He did choose which one he liked best though and he said:

"Even though they are simple they will be effective in adding sparkle to christmas" (his words, bless him :-) )

So here is the winner of the necklace:

Well done to @anybunnies if you email me your details to lilmissangeleyes[AT] I will get your necklace sent out to you.

Sorry to all those who didn't win on the competitions I have recently run and well done to all those that did. I will hopefully be running another couple of competitions in the New Year.

Thank you

Ikkle x
Okay guys the warning has been up for a wee while now that to enter the competition for this gorgeous Sterling Silver and Cubic Zirconia Kiss Necklace.
I wanted you to make a christmas decoration. I've only had 3 entries :( . Just so you all know I'm not expecting anything amazing a simple paper snowflake would suffice

Or you could make a xmassy poster on Paint. Or even make a decoration by recycling (this picture actually is something I made btw)
Just something christmassy that you would/could put in your house/garden/kitchen bin at christmas.

Instead of having those of you who haven't entered yet rushing to get something done by tomorrow night I'm going to leave this open until 3pm on Monday. Then when Anton gets home he is going to pick his favourite.

You can either twitpic me the link to the picture, comment on here with a link or send me a copy by email at lilmissangeleyes[AT]

Good Luck x
Ok so I listed you all gave you all a number and let raffleking do his business.

Item A: Bracelet & Earrings:
1) nicky63
2) krailton
3) gerutrdeanna
4) iridessa76
5) kellysee
6) bonestormer13
7) jenniwren12
8) charismc
9) splodz
10) mad_gemma
11) katylittlelady
12) munchkim
13) grannysmither

So the winner is @krailton congratulations hun x

Item B: Strawberry goodies
1) nicky63
2) mar
3) krailton
4) gerturdeanna
5) iridessa76
6) kellysee
7) bonestormer13
8) jenniwren12
9) splodz
10) mad_gemma
11) katylittlelady
12) munchkim
13) _natalie_P
14) grannysmither

So the winner is @krailton - congratulations (again lol) x

Item C: Snowman Soup
1) nicky63
2) krailton
3) gerturdeanna
4) iridessa76
5) kellysee
6) bonestormer13
7) jenniwren12
8) charismc
9) splodz
10) mad_gemma
11) katylittlelady
12) munchkim
13) _natalie_P

So the winner is Bitch face....yes thats right @charismc Raffle King likes you for once lol. Well done x

Congratulations to you both, I already know both your addresses so you don't have to worry about emailing me. Well done and thanks to everyone who entered.
This is another competition where there are three items and three winners. I'm afraid the picture quality is a bit pants but hopefully you will still want to enter for the prizes. *fingers crossed*

Just comment what letter/s you want to enter.

Item A: Charm Bracelet and Earrings - (please ignore the packaging as it was just for photographing purposes)

Item B: Pamper Pack - (Strawberry Milkshake shower gel, bath bomb, body butter and lip gloss, a black loofah, an eye mask and a Sanctuary face mask. All in a pretty pink and black polka dot washbag)

Item C: Snowman Soup - (2 mugs, hot chocolate, mini marshmallows, choc chips, stainless steel stencil, candy canes, mini chocolate grater and a mini bar of Green and Blacks chocolate) ***you cant see most of the stuff in the picture as I kept having to move it cos Anton has a sweet tooth, sorry the photo is so bad :( ***

Entries close at 8pm on Friday 11th December. Good Luck x
Okey dokey so you know how I do it now, you all get a number and then my bezzy mate RaffleKing picks one of you at random. Because there was three draws it took me a little while lol.

Entries for Item A: Nintendo DS Game

1) _melvis_
2) paulineppp
3) nicky63
4) welshbybirth
5) bonestormer13
6) iridessa76
7) ali991
8) mad_gemma
9) Englishian
10) KellySee
11) katylittlelady
12) grannysmither
13) _Natalie_P
14) Jenniwren12
15) Tee_Jaye
16) kohsamui14
17) cheekychicken24

and RaffleKing chose...........................

which means the winner is @cheekychicken24 yay well done hun x

Entries for Item B: 80's DVD's

1) _melvis_
2) paulineppp
3) nicky63
4) welshbybirth
5) bonestormer13
6) iridessa76
7) ali991
8) mad_gemma
9) Splodz
10) _Natalie_P
11) jenniwren12
12) Tee_Jaye

RaffleKing chose the winner and the winner is......................

which means the winner is @mad_gemma well done hun x

Entries for Item C: True Blood Books

1) paulineppp
2) nicky63
3) kevintappin
4) iridessa76
5) ali991
6) munchkim
7) mad_gemma
8) englishian
9) kellysee
10) katylittlelady
11) grannysmither
12) _Natalie_P
13) jenniwren12
14) cheekychicken24

RaffleKing chose the winner.........

Which means the winner is @kevintappin - well done hun x

Congratulations all winners and thank you to all for taking part. Could the winners please email your details to lilmissangeleyes[AT] and I will get your items out in the post to you :-)

Next competition coming up shortly

Ikkle xx
Ok, So seeing as I slacked off a little bit I thought I would do things a little different. So for the competition ending on the 10th December at 8pm there are 3 prizes and there will be 3 winners.
You can enter for all 3 items if you like or just the 1. It is entirely your choice.

Item A:

Item A is LineRider FreeStyle for the Nintendo DS

Item B:

Item B is some 80's DVD's - Fame, Flashdance, Footloose and Dirty Dancing.

Item C:

Item C is books 1 to 8 of the True Blood/Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris.
The titles included are:
1) Dead Until Dark
2) Living Dead in Dallas
3) Club Dead
4) Dead to the world
5) Dead as a Doornail
6) Definitely Dead
7) All together dead
8) From Dead to Worse

How to enter:

To enter just leave a comment with your twitter name and the letter of the draw/s you wish to enter. Winners will be chosen at random at 8pm on the 10th December.

Good luck xx
Just a quick apology for having 2 days off of running the comp. Just to let you know though that the competitions will continue.

Coming up in the next few days will be :
  • Charm Bracelet
  • Linerider Freestyle for the Nintendo DS
  • Snowman Soup
  • Pamper Pack
  • 80's DVD's
  • Charlaine Harris Books 1 - 8 of the Sookie Stackhouse/True blood Series
  • Silver necklace.
I'm actually considering just running one draw a day until the 12th which is when the necklace winner will be drawn and then putting everyone who has entered my competitions name in a hat and drawing them out to win a remainder prize.

Not sure what you all think of me doing that but I thought it might be for the best as don't want to leave things too late for postage in case things could be used for xmas presents. However don't quote me lol cos I may change my mind and do it 2 draws a day to make sure I make up for what I missed.

huge apologies once again xx
Apologies for the delay but I have been out for the evening so couldn't post. I hope you forgive me :-(

I had some excellent suggestions for a name for the new reindeer. The names suggested were:

  • Santa's Little Helper
  • Pudding
  • Pattinson
  • Snowflake
  • Dappy
  • Randolf
  • Flitter
  • Elvis
  • Sonic
  • Twinkle
  • Prince
  • Bernard
  • Sherbet.

RaffleKing chose ..................

Bernard as the winner, which means that @Splodz is todays winner well done hun. If you email me on lilmissangeleyes[AT] and I can either email you the code or post you the gift card.
Todays competition is for a £10 Amazon Gift Card.

I can either post you the card or email you the code the choice is yours.

The Competition:
We all know Santa has reindeers that help him pull his sledge, those reindeer's are called:
  • Dasher
  • Dancer
  • Prancer
  • Vixen
  • Comet
  • Cupid
  • Donner
  • Blitzen
  • Rudolf
However this year Santa is considering getting another Reindeer only her can't think of a name. If you could name the reindeer for him what would you choose?
Okay so there were 12 entries into todays competition!

Some very good song choices.

The song choices chosen were:
Fairy Tale of New York, All I Want for Christmas, Twinkle Twinkle, Hey Santa Claus, In The Bleak Midwinter, Santa Baby, Once in Royal Davids city, White Christmas, Blue christmas and Oh Come Oh come emmanuel.

As normal one number assigned per person:
  1. _Natalie_P
  2. KellySee
  3. grannysmither
  4. Munchkim
  5. gingerchick
  6. Mad_Gemma
  7. jenniwren12
  8. charismc
  9. ali991
  10. sassyele
  11. Englishian
  12. cheekychicken24

Which means the winner is @munchkim congratulations hun send me an email at lilmissangeleyes[AT] and I will get it posted out to you x

Todays prize is a Moringa gift set from the BodyShop.

Today all you have to do is tell me what your favourite Christmas song is and why.

There is no wrong answer, its just all about you. :-) all entries to be received by 8pm Friday night. I am aware there was slight problem entering the chocolate competition, should you have any problems just holler at me on twitter.

Good luck everyone.
There were sixteen correct entries to the chocolate contest. The correct answer was CARAMAC.

Each name got a number:
  1. charismc
  2. englishian
  3. heatismybible
  4. gingerchick
  5. splodz
  6. katylittlelady
  7. krailton
  8. iridessa76
  9. kellysee
  10. grannysmither
  11. mad_gemma
  12. munchkim
  13. sassyele
  14. cheekychicken24
  15. jenniwren12
  16. ali991
Well done to all who managed to get it right :-)

Raffle king chose todays winner and he chose.............

Congratulations to @krailton if you email me on lilmissangeleyes[AT] I will get your prize sent out to you :-)

Will post the new comp up shortly - trying to decide which prize to put up tonight and tidy up cos having visitors lol x
Todays prize is some chocolate:

Todays puzzle is Selection Box :-) it's a word search featuring all except one of the sweets above. To enter I want you to tell me which one sweet is not in the wordsearch.

The words you are looking for are:
  • fudge
  • caramac
  • dairy
  • milk
  • curlywurly
  • toblerone
  • dime
  • mars
  • twirl
  • twix
  • marshmallow
  • chocolate
  • coins
  • santa
You have till 8pm on Thursday night.
Good Luck x
Ok so todays draw for the MacBride book is over. There were size correct entries and they were each assigned a number.
  1. heatismybible
  2. _natalie_P
  3. grannysmither
  4. ali991
  5. mad_gemma
  6. jenniwren12
And RaffleKing chose the winner........

Number 5, which means that @Mad_Gemma well done hun.

If you email me your details to lilmissangeleyes[AT] and I will get it sent off for you :-).

I'll post comp three up shortly x
Todays competition is for HalfHead by Stuart MacBride.
The rules are the same as yesterdays, you can help each other if you need it and then post your answer as a comment on here with your twitter name. One entry per day per person.

I'm going to stick with Christmas Songs again. Only this time they are anagrams. The letters which need to be unscrambled are written like THIS.
  • MAN WEARY AGAIN. After Christmas shopping maybe?
  • Did Santa forget to LATCH ELK SHED?
  • Sue asked Santa if he could GET HER NEW SKI mended
  • SIR ACTS HUMBLE at this time of year
  • TOLD JOEY, "THROW food to reindeer".
  • WILT DONNER WANDER? He better be there Christmas Eve!
  • TWO LISTEN to carol
  • ACKNOWLEDGE SONG IS a Christmas one

Good Luck everybody :)
Well I had 15 entries into the 1st of December competition.

The correct answers were:
  • Jingle Bells
  • I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas
  • Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
  • Do You Hear What I Hear?
  • Away In A Manger
  • Frosty The Snowman
  • Oh Come All Ye Faithful
  • Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem
  • Joy To The World
  • Silent Night
  • The Twelve Days Of Christmas
  • God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman
  • Hark The Herald Angels Sing
  • We Wish You A Merry Christmas
I must say some of your responses made me chuckle. Like a certain little lady who created her own song for one of them lol, although she did give me the correct answer at the same time. Plus the fact a few of you decided to serenade me with Little donkey lol.

All 15 entries were correct. Each entry has been assigned a number.
  1. Splodz
  2. Charismc
  3. Jenniwren12
  4. _melvis_
  5. Heatismybible
  6. Gingerchick
  7. iridessa76
  8. Krailton
  9. sassyele
  10. ali991
  11. mad_gemma
  12. _Natalie_P
  13. Englishian
  14. KellySee
  15. Katylittlelady
I used RaffleKing to chose the winner and RaffleKing chose.............

Which means the winner is @KellySee

Congratulations hun. If you email me your details on lilmissangeleyes[AT] I will get your DVD's sent out to you.

Thanks to everyone who took part. Competition 2 to follow shortly.

Ikkle x