Now perhaps this is a sweeping generalisation of sexism, but as a female I tend to add a 'kiss' to the end of everything. Be it a text message, a tweet or an email. In fact, on some occasions I even use it in the space of a full stop. My male friends however don't always do the 'kiss' thing. On the odd occasion they send a message with one or two, but I'm getting used to the lack of affection in some messages lol. Mind you, I'm the kind of girl who has to use all 140 characters on a tweet and fill every email and text with an essay, whilst many of my male friends are happy with a 2 letter reply like ok or no.

Am I the only person who does this? How do you know when to draw the line at a kiss or as a female is it ok to seal everything with a kiss?

Dani - once again being over analytical.


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