I have been to the cinema a few times of late, and whilst I have thoroughly enjoyed myself, the movie and spending time with my friend but I still keep thinking about the huge costs,

Now I know nothing about cinemas and how they work or what their overheads are but I find it fascinating. It's not just ticket prices but the high prices we pay for refreshments. We pay over £3 for a drink of coke when at the local supermarket you can buy a 2litre bottle for £1.69. So how do cinemas come up with these prices, or is it simply a case of we are silly enough to pay so they can charge as they please.

This got me thinking about when we recently saw The Social Network movie (a fab film by the way) the theatre sat 170 people plus 13 VIP seats. Now we went on a wednesday so Orange's 241 promotion was in play. Lets imagine all 170 seats sold at £6. That would leave, assuming all 170 people used the Orange Wednesday promo, that 85 people paid. A total of £510. Now assuming all 170 people bought a drink each too that's another £510 minimum. A total income of £1020 not taking into account popcorn, nacho's or the overpriced pick and mix. Or taking into account the cinema near us has a total of 9 screens!

Now I know not all screenings will have full capacity but I really find the potential amazing.

I have had a brilliant night and I readily look forward to my next cinematic experience x


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