Today is Fathers Day, a day for celebrating how brilliant and amazing our fathers are. Yet there are many people, and a lot of my friends are included who will not be celebrating today, as sadly their dad's have passed away. It is seeing the status updates of people sick with worry, and stressed about how they will cope on their first Father's Day since their dad's have passed which has made me so appreciative of what I have.

I have 3 dads.

My first dad is my real dad. He's the one I look like and the one I inherit my height from. He's the one that thinks of himself as a 'shit dad' - his words not mine. Yet he doesn't realise quite how proud of him I really am. Admittedly we haven't always seen eye to eye, and for years we had no contact, yet in 2008 I wrote him a letter and we got back in touch and I might not see him every day or every week, but those 2 or 3 times I see him a year mean the world to me. We have limited contact through emails and texts because he works too bloody hard and when I do see him we never really know what to talk about and often sit in his car for 20 minutes, but that's ok because he's still there. He always calls me monkey in our emails and he always signs them off Pops. So this year I got him a chocolate monkey from Thornton's and had it iced 'To Pops Love Monkey' it might not have been expensive but I know it meant the world to him.

My second dad is Dave, he's my step dad. Me and Dave have had our ups and downs and there has been more downs than ups. I've never been able to call him dad because it felt like betraying my real dad so I stick to calling him Dave. At times I have hated him and at times I love him to bits. He makes my mum happy and it's cause of him I have my spud and whilst at times we fought like cat and dog he still tried to do his best for me, it didn't always work but he tried. Now many people will find my card to him offensive, those who know him will probably think its a bit below the belt, but that's the way me and Dave work, we bitch at each other in the nicest possible way! His card is pint shaped and reads:
"Of beer you are an expert,
 you know good ale from bad,
 which isn't that suprising
 the amount of pint's you've had.
 You're happy drinking lager.
 cider, bitter or even stout,
 if anyone questions your knowledge........

 your beer belly removes all doubt! "

It made me chuckle anyway :o)

My third dad isn't really my dad. He's my granddad. I've always been a granddad's girl, it's probably always shown. He's the one who cleaned me up when I fell and banged my knee, the one who takes me to the doctors or hospital when i'm ill, the one who looks after me and puts a roof over my head, and even though he doesn't admit it he's the one that lets me squidge in between him and my nan on the sofa for a cuddle. He's the man that stood by me through everything from the 4am feeds as a new born bairn to the 4am trips to pick me up from town when I am stranded. He often jokes that I'm his fourth daughter, to be honest I am. He get's on my nerves with all his sport but what man doesn't?? I couldn't ask for a better man.

So there you have it. I'm spoilt. I have 3 men who all have their faults, some bigger than others, but they all had an input into who I am and despite a few rough patches they didn't do too bad. So I wish them a huge and happy father's day and may I not bring undue stress, grey hair or expense to you in the next 365 days, i love you all x


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