Yesterday somebody asked me what song defined me and I really struggled to come up with one definitive song as there are a few that define parts of me or parts of my life so far at least. I asked my best friend and my grandma; the two people who know me best, and neither of them could come up with one song. My cyber sister Jobie Wan Kenobi said her defining song was 'Fat Bottomed Girls' which made me lol lots. So I set to task and with the help of iTunes tried to find a song that defined me. The sun was shining, and the music was playing loud and it reminded me of a part of my teenage years. So the facebook status

The year is 2002, I'm a moody 15 year old with black hair and even more black eyeliner. My jeans are so wide that the leg fits around my waist, the sun is shining the music is loud and i couldnt give a shit :p

came about. iTunes genius is just that - a genius. It transported me back in time to the age of 15 and the music that I loved and still do. The very first song on the genius list was Something Corporate and their song Punk Rock Princess. That's who I was and part of me still is I guess. I still don't think that song defines me on a whole though so I am still pretty stumped. :(

Other songs that came up on genius were Bleed America by Jimmy Eat World which was pretty accurate with the line 'I'm not alone cos the tv's on yeah, I'm not crazy cos I take right pills everyday." Then there was Bullet For My Valentine and their song Tears Don't Fall - "My tears don't fall they crash around me" as well as many many more. So even though I still can't find one defining song I'm enjoying trying x


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