It's official.

I am having a mid-life crisis. Aged 22.

I have no job, I am no longer a student, I live with my grandparents 'renting' one of their spare bedrooms. I have no income, no partner and yet despite the fact I should be miserable and depressed about all these facts I am the complete opposite.

Gone are the days of wearing nothing but black, and the hatred for wearing jewellery. My hair was black, my clothes were black, my make up was black. Today I am a rainbow. (I've been on the energy drinks can you tell?)

Looking at my wardrobe and it's contents, yes there still are some items of black, mainly trousers but there are new colours seeping in such as blue, pink, purple and green. I have developed a love of T-shirts with pictures or slogans on. One of my favourites is a chick with huge glasses on and the words 'Chick With Brains', a blatant lie if you could see my revision notes at the moment but all the same I think the tee is cute :)

My hairs now a mousy brown although in 3 weeks time it is getting bleached blonde. It won't be blonde for long though as I am ditzy enough but even though I have brown hair the dyes I use never give the results I want so I am bleaching first before hopefully going a lovely burgundy colour. Hopefully.

I don't wear jewellery, well I never used to, I still don't wear conventional jewellery but I love quirky and kitsch items. Such as my smiley face studs which my mum got me at christmas from Claire's accessories, to the scrabble tile I wear around my neck and my new love a knitting needle bracelet. Which was sent to me by a wonderful lady called Natalie. I love it hun so thank you very much :)

The only thing I can think of is about how much I have changed, for the better. In the last 3 years my confidence has grown and with it my true inner personality has begun to break out, the weight loss has just given it a bit of a shove.

So as I sit here in my rainbow of bright pink tinkerbell t-shirt, blue and pink Sesame Street underwear, fluorescent yellow socks, black trousers, a pale green knitting needle bracelet and some funky yellow earrings, I'm happy. Cause at the end of every rainbow is a pot of gold..


Nat/Aminabugz said...

I am happy you are embracing colour.. i love colour.. and I am so happy you like the bracelet.. I have two on and they are so mad.. Keep going on your path colour and hopefully you will get to where you need to be..

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