Friday’s are normally a difficult day for me, I’m normally hungover and tired and thinking that it’s shit being stuck in the house when everyone else my age is out and about in town, that I can’t possibly top the night befores fun and laughter. For once I was wrong.

Admittedly I feel like shit, I’m full of the lurgy and it’s not nice, but I’m not hungover, I’m not alone and I’m not dwelling on how crap tonight is because it’s not. I have my best friend here staying with me, I was meant to make him some tea but considering I am full of germs and he has a new job to start on Monday it’s probably for the best that he settled on a couple of bags of crisps while I chomped on raw carrot. ( yes I am strange)

We have done bugger all excitement wise but sprawl on the sofa watching tv with me dozing in and out of states of delirium, sleep and consciousness. Sometimes that’s all you need though. A hug with someone you care about and a lazy night in on the sofa under a duvet.

It’s been lovely having him here, even more so cos I’ve managed to scare myself by seeing that someone has opened the gate and the garden security light is on, but at least I’ve got big bad squidge to scare any burglars off (in all honesty i think i am the scary one, especially looking how I do at the minute!!!) it’s sad knowing that he will have to scoot off tomorrow but at least he is only a text away and I know he is there if I do need him. Just like I hope he knows I am here if he needs me.

So this is it, it’s Friday night and whilst I feel like shite, I’m alright. I’m happy and smiling and glad for what I have xxx


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