I make no illusions of the fact I am a little down in the dumps as of late, it’s just the time of year. However, looking at this year compared to last year, I realise one thing which isn’t affecting my mood like it used to. My body. For the very first time in my adult life I think I am finally comfortable in my own skin. Sure I am still over weight but I am still actively doing something about it.

The thing which got me thinking the most is the clothes I wear. Last year I wore nothing but black. Black trousers, tshirts, black everything. Now I hardly wear black, hell I hardly even wear black trousers any more. I wear jeans, leggings, tracksuits. I wear bright colours and fitted items, clothes that flatter and draw attention to the new features I have achieved.

i never used to wear a watch, I could never find a standard one that fit around my chunky wrists. I now have a gorgeous pink Oasis watch that I bought in November which is even a little loose Smile It’s those little changes that have made all the difference to me.

The changes might not seem much to anyone else but they are huge to me.


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